Summer Intern Program

The West Virginia Conference Summer Intern Program offers first-hand experience for students exploring a call to various types of ministry. Many of those currently serving in the conference clarified their calling through an internship through which they could test the gifts and skills that would later become the foundations for their ministry. Through the Summer Intern Program, many preached their first sermons, assisted in youth ministry, learned basics of pastoral care, and gained valuable insight into life in ministry. For those who sense that God may be calling them to ordained ministry, mentors and mentoring congregations can be a source of guidance that helps to amplify that calling and helps to clarify how gifts may be best used for ministry.

Each summer, a variety of ministry settings are needed in order to provide a diversity of ministry settings for students wanting to explore the range of ministry opportunities available within the West Virginia Conference. Students can thrive in ministry settings in congregations, charges, parishes, and extension ministry settings. While it is important to consider the student’s potential for learning within a ministry setting, it is also essential that the student be allowed to make a meaningful contribution. Every effort will be made to match skills and gifts of students with the requests and planned work of the ministry setting.

Summer Intern Participant Application
Summer Intern Program Description

Deadline for application: January 29, 2016
Interns will be notified on or before: March 15, 2016

Please submit all questions and materials to:
Bonnie MacDonald
PO Box 2313
Charleston, WV 25328 
304-344-8331, ext. 27