2017 Appointments and Assignments

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball announces the following appointments, effective July 1, 2017, unless otherwise noted.
Date Announced Name Appointment Status District From District Effective
2/19/17 John Ward, Jr. Cross Roads, Huntington FE WT Virginia Annual Conference   7/1/17
2/12/17 Sharletta Green St. Pauls/Logan Memorial  FE LK New Martinsville Northern 7/1/17
1/29/17 Lee Williams Frankford   GR Elizabeth LK 7/1/17
1/29/17 Phil Hickman Retirement     Frankford GR 7/1/17
1/29/17 Jennifer J. Roller Elm Grove   NO Stealey, Clarksburg WS 7/1/17
1/29/17 Bryan Carpenter Retirement     Elm Grove NO 7/1/17
1/22/17 Okey B. Harless District Superintendent Western District FE Western Dunbar UMC, Dunbar MS 7/1/17
1/8/17 Kenneth S. Peters First, Ravenswood FE LK Logan Memorial, Seventh Stree Shared Ministry LK 2/1/17
1/8/17 Shauna M. Hyde Leave of Absence FE LK First, Ravenswood LK 1/1/17
1/1/17 Joseph Bruce A. Hill District Superintendent Little Kanawha District FE LK Crossroads, Huntington WT 7/1/17